The English Ale began life as 'The Crystal Lake Gathering' in Macclesfield, South Australia and was the brain child of Peter (Stormy) Hyde – the amazing and talented accordion maker.

It began as a general 'folk' gathering with much singing and making merry around the local pub and hall in Macclesfield. As time progressed other aspects were added – the burning of a wicker man, a morris processional, a barn dance in the local hall. Finally Peter handed the running of this event over to Helen 'Petal' Lyons, Trevor Curnow, Roger Calcraft and Adrienne Piggott. So the 'Ale' began.

2004 saw the building of 'Petal' - Australia's first pageant giant with the help of Penny Cowell, Adrian Cowell and Neil Mullard. At the moment the Ale is an afternoon/evening/night event but plans are afoot to turn it into a whole weekend celebration.

  Designed by Kim Brown