The first of our winter rains has come; in the Adelaide Hills the creeks and streams trickle and begin to run, the European trees have lost their leaves and the beautiful eucalypts shimmer in the early winter sunshine. The seasons are changing.

We have farewelled another dry, hot summer – the land that was so parched and dry is now is coming back to life as we move into the green. The leafy faces of green men peek out from behind the trees as King George and his mummers players ring their bell to summon all to gather. A bonfire is built with a wicker man waiting to fire the night, masked guisers in rag coats beat their drums to lead you along the path while we await the Morris dancers with their bells, sticks and hankies to accompany the giants Petal, Rufus and Tanis, to the lighting of our ritual fire.

The English Ale is coming and the Spirit of Albion lives on!

2pm Saturday May 15th 2021

- Entertainment starts at 2.00pm

Artisan Craft Market

Licensed Bar : Lunch and Dinner menu
Tea & Coffee available

English Music Session, Hot For Joe Morris, Singing Session, Dr Dan Burt with Dobbin the Wonder Horse, The Fayre Guisers Mummers Players,
Spiral Dance and more.

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Join the Masked Parade Be a Torch Bearer Become a Minder/Sweeper/Guiser for The Giants
  Designed by Kim Brown