18th May 2024 Program
The Marquee
12 noon -12.45pmAdelaide Empire Band Music Session
English traditional rollicking folk tunes played by a motley collection of accordions, fiddles, guitars, recorders, whistles, brass, hurdy gurdy and more!
1.00 - 1.45pmRuby Moon
A spellbinding tapestry of lush harmonies and rich vocals. Songs that celebrate the human spirit, delve into tales of love and loss, and evoke a sense of nostalgia for times past.
2.00 - 2.45pmThe Whisky Bar Shanty Session
Sea shanty singing has taken Australia by storm in the last few years - ever since the sea-themed song ‘Wellerman’ hit TikTok and was mistaken for a shanty! Come along to our session and join in - shanty singing is community involvement at its very best. No experience necessary - we will teach you the refrains and you’ll be hooked! And yes, ‘Wellerman’ will be in there!
3.00 - 3.45pmLowland Rogues
Take a little trip back to the days of British 70s-ish Folk Rock. Songs you may well remember from the olden days if you are of that vintage, and a revelation of the old music for the new and uninitiated. Guaranteed to be a bit of fun!
3.45 - 4.30pmAdelaide Empire Band Music And Singing Session
Lively English tunes and uplifting chorus songs - bring your instruments and voices!
4.45 - 5.30pmThe Shambolics
The Shambolics play what can be loosely termed ‘Folk Punk’ with banjo, fiddle, whistle and a rollickin’ backline. You’ll hear a combination of jigs n’ reels, shanties, original tunes and some auld classics by the Stones, Angels, Proclaimers done Shambo style!
6.00 - 7.00pmProcession and Wickerman Bonfire
Torchlight procession featuring Petal and Rufus - the Giants Of The Hills, The Dancing Monsters, Mari Lwyd, hobby horses, magickal creatures, guisers, Jack In The Green and more!
Bonfire: Firing of the Wickerman
Drummers of the Dark - The Nobodies.
Druid Peace Ritual
Winter Amour ‘The Pyromancer Dancer’. An elemental and eclectic wild Witch who incorporates her bewitching talents as a Pyromancer Dancer along with her personal ceremonial relationship with fire. Catch her fiery magick around the bonfire on Saturday evening.
8.00 - 9pmDustbowl Chic
Dustbowl Chic play a special mix of rustic folk, rock and country. New and original songs and tunes to get your feet tapping and keep you in your English Ale party mood!
9.00 - 9.20pmFayre Guisers Mummers
Mummers’ plays can be traced back to at least the 13th century. The Fayre Guisers perform a play based on the Fittleworth Tipteering Play and you can be guaranteed a few belly laughs and much silliness as the hero and villain battle it out for grand King George. Crowd interaction is encouraged. Boooo! Hisss! Huzzah!
9.30-10.30pmSpiral Dance
Fusing folklore and legend with a good heady serve of pagan mystery, Spiral Dance presents an eclectic blend of traditional English folk rock with powerful self-penned songs and tunes. Music to rock your ancestors!
The Village Green
1.30 - 2pm, 2.30 - 3.00pm, 3.30 - 4.00pmStorytelling Australia (SA)
Gifted oral storytellers presenting folk tales, wisdom stories and crafted personal stories.
2.00pmPreston’s Historic Punch And Judy Show
Experience a traditional Punch and Judy show with live music, the old storylines, characters, gags and the ability of Mr Punch to still captivate and outrage after all these years!
RovingAround The Festival
HedgehogA unique musical ensemble that blends modern instruments and styles with the rich tapestry of tunes from the Medieval and Renaissance eras, creating a lively and eclectic mix that captivates audiences.
Dan Burt With Dobbin The Wonder HorseDan and Dobbin look forward to meeting children from 3 to 93 at The English Ale. Pretty, intelligent and charming though a little smelly. And Dobbin's good fun as well!
Hot For Joe Border MorrisAdelaide’s Hot For Joe is a women’s border Morris side performing a highly styled, truly unique form of Morris dancing in a a mysterious, wild and dramatic performance. See them in the procession as well as on the Village Green throughout the day.
The Adelaide Morris MenPerforming traditional English dances from the Cotswolds of England, the Adelaide Morris Men have been entertaining audiences for over 40 years. Where there is merriment to be had, the AMM will be there with bells on….literally!
Dan Burt & Dobbin
Hot For Joe Border Morris
Adelaide Morris Men
Dancing Monsters
Petal & Parade
Mari Lwyd
Adelaide Empire Band
Ruby Moon
The Shambolics
Preston’s Punch & Judy
Dustbowl Chic
Fayre Guisers Mummers
Spiral Dance
Torchlight Parade
Torchlight Parade
Torchlight Parade
The Nobodies
The Nobodies
Winter Amour
Winter Amour
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